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Dealing with and preventing Ice Dam formation

It’s been a long, cold, and snowy winter here in Massachusetts and over the past months of performing home inspections I have run into numerous instances of ice dam formation and the subsequent questions from prospective buyers and sellers. ************************ Having problems with Ice Dams and/or roof leaks this Winter? BONSAI can help you! Click […]

10 Common Myths about Mold and your health

Media reports have linked indoor mold exposure to everything from asthma to headaches. So what’s the real scientific evidence that exposure to mold in your home actually can cause physical symptoms? A recent review of scientific literature about mold-related diseases found that many common claims just don’t hold up under scrutiny. #1: The term “Toxic mold” […]

Dealing with Polybutylene piping at the Home Inspection

OK, you’ve just finished your MA home inspection and your inspector has noted the presence of water supply lines in the home made of Polybutylene Plastic, also known as “PB pipe”. So, what’s the scoop? PB pipe was manufactured between 1978 and 1994 for use as piping in home plumbing systems. It offered plenty of advantages over […]