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Granite Countertops and Radon – THE REAL TRUTH

As many of you may be aware, the current ‘mania of the month’ is “Are my granite countertops emitting Radon”. I must admit, the first time I had a customer call me with this question, I was torn between “that’s crazy” and “hey, that could be possible”. Not much to my surprise, I have discovered that […]

Hey, what about my Granite Countertops… and mold?

So with all the recent hype regarding granite countertops and radon gas emissions, I thought I’d combine granite countertops with one of my other ‘hot topic’ specialties: mold investigation. On the scale of hygiene, the typical granite countertop falls somewhere below Stainless and Corian, well ahead of ordinary laminates, and relatively even with quartz (aka […]