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Home Inspections

Home Inspection is at the very core of BONSAI Inspection Company’s principles. You won’t find any sales pitches, price schemes, ‘how long my report is’, or knocks on ‘why you shouldn’t choose the other guy’ here. Why, you say? Read on….

A truly great Home inspection is one where You, the Client, feel comfortable – not rushed – have all of your questions addressed in a manner that you understand, and leave your prospective new home feeling secure in knowing you are well informed. What that means is at the heart of every great Home Inspection is the relationship between Inspector and Client.

Your Home Inspection is a BIG deal to both you AND me. I will work to gain your trust from the get-go, help you feel as comfortable as possible, and get the lines of communication open! That’s what sets BONSAI Inspection Company apart from the rest!

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Condominium Inspection

BONSAI Inspection Company is your Condo Inspection Specialist!!

Condominium owners hold title to their units and share ownership and responsibility of and for the operating costs of the balance of the property (common elements such as lobbies, hallways, recreation areas, etc.).

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Radon Gas Testing

FACT: Radon gas causes an estimated 21,000 cancer deaths per year in the US, and is the number two cause of lung cancer – second only to smoking cigarettes, according to the US EPA.

FACT: Radon in drinking water is a significant health hazard (though a lesser hazard than radon gas in indoor air) – even when bathing or showering  radon gas can be released from water. People with well water are typically more at risk then public water supplies.

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