Your inspector’s qualifications should be a critical part of your decision making process. The cost of your inspection should not be the sole determining factor in who you choose. Why? Because home inspectors are not all alike. Being an inspector is no longer just having a truck, a ladder, and some construction background. Educational background, experience, and a strong determination to stay ahead of the information curve are what set a great inspector apart from an average one in this rapidly developing industry. I have performed over 4,800 building inspections since 2000 – that’s a lot of customers. As the owner of BONSAI, I continue to invest time and effort on a daily basis developing more skills and more services to help bring you, my next customer, and the best quality service I can provide.

My unique educational background and previous employment history sets me apart from most inspectors. It allows me to evaluate properties and systems from both a scientific and engineering standpoint. Prior to entering the world of building inspection, I spent 9+ years working in high-tech, where I developed my skills in scientific analysis, systems design, thermodynamics, and heat transfer. It was here also, that I developed my exceptional abilities in verbal communications and formal report writing.

My professional affiliations and certifications include:

  • Massachusetts Home Inspector License #563 – As a licensed professional in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I meet or exceed every requirement of the Board of Registration of Home Inspectors. This includes participating in regular continuing education classes, carrying sufficient E&O insurance, and producing inspection reports that meet or exceed the Massachusetts Standards of Practice.
  • Massachusetts Pest License #31951 – As a licensed professional in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I meet or exceed every requirement of the Massachusetts Department of  Agricutural Resources. This includes participating in additional regular continuing education classes.
  • Member International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) – I am NACHI Certified Member 05022561. NACHI is world’s most elite largest home inspection association. Want to see the massive prerequisite list for obtaining NACHI certification? Click here.
  • Environmental Solutions Certified Mold Inspector (CMI), Certified Mold Assessor (CMA), and Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician (CIAQT) – I was ESA Certified Member 2219. Environmental Solutions Association (ESA) is the nation’s premier, membership-based training organization formed exclusively to provide industry professionals with the training and education necessary to confront the environmental and safety issues faced by property owners, inspectors, remediation experts, and all other related industry personnel. (ESA disbanded in 2014)
  • International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) – I am IAC2 Certified Member 5453. IAC2 is the non-profit, certifying body for home and building inspectors who have fulfilled certain educational and testing requirements including those in the area of indoor air quality.
  • Former member International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) – I was Inspector Member 7012498 (2004-2014). The International Association of Electrical Inspectors plays a strong leadership role in the electrical industry and its many organizations and associations. Because of its reputation for fairness and code-compliance, the association has long been labeled the Keystone of the Electrical Industry.
  • Former Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Building Analyst – I go far beyond the typical Energy Audit to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at the root cause and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science.
  • Insured Member National Association of Residential Real Estate Professionals (NARREP) – I carry both Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance through the Allen Insurance Group.